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Робин Вильямс умер... :(

Любимейший актер... Я думал, он вечный...

Прощайте, сэр Робин... :(((

История из ФБ только что... И вот он всегда был такой, по-моему...

When I took a vacation in Santa Barbara after a 90 day contract in Germany I went to the old theater in downtown Santa Barbara to see The Mummy on its opening night. There was a line outside the door and a wait for tickets. I was wearing a sleeveless sun dress and it was windy and chilly. A group of people had come to stand in line behind me and one of the gents in that group was Robin Williams I recognized the voice as he was joking with his friends. One of the gals in his group and I were both chilled. All of a sudden he dashes out of the line and ran across the street and a few minutes later returned with two ugly but warm jackets from the second had shop and placed them on our shoulders. He said something like "I can't be held responsible for the dust mites, but it's much colder inside, I think this is better than life as a human Popsicle" or something along this line the way he said it was much more witty. I was touched by his kindness as he had no idea who I was. I still have that ugly jacket somewhere stored away in a box as he signed the back of it and the date! He was also a FB friend which I'm certain no doubt will be taken down soon by his publicity administrative staff. He was a kind man and a loss to the motion picture industry, I'm so sad that he took this path, whatever pain he was in he's out of it now. RIP Robin Williams.
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